Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Assistance System

UHAAS is Committed to the support of Ukraine’s hospitals in times of crisis and conflict.

What We Do

UHAAS allows hospitals to report their supply and clinical needs.

These requests then go to which has a dedicated team in Ukraine focused on resources and logistics.

The Problems UHAAS Addresses

In times of conflict or crisis supply chains or human resource capabilities may be challenged.

At the same time the volume of patients seeking help may increase, this is called surge capacity.

As patient volume increases your ability to care for these patients may be strained this is called surge capability

Surge capacity and surge capability produce the need to ask for help- but where does help come from?  UHAAS provides that answer.


A UHAAS Trainer Can Provide Both Individual and Group Training Sessions on a Test System Until You Are Comfortable Entering Data

You Will Be Provided With Contact Information To Schedule Training

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UHAAS was created by HOUP the leading Ukrainian healthcare support foundation.

More Information

UHAAS was developed by XCH a crisis software development company with over 20 years experience, with strong technical support and guidance from AWS. Today over 1000 hospitals around the world use systems designed and supported by XCH team members.

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UHAAS is supported by TIEMS and international emergency management society with nearly 30 years of working in Europe including the Ukraine

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Because Resilience Matters

A ceramic jug in the shape of a rooster has become the unlikely symbol of resistance in Ukraine.

Picture of ceramic Ukrainian cockerel,
Viacheslav Hladushkin
Ceramic rooster sits undamaged on kitchen cabinet of ruined building, Borodianka Ukraine,
Elizaveta Servatynska
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Britain's PM Boris Johnson holding roosters presented by artist Lera Polyanskova in Kyiv, 9 April 2022 Ukrainian, Presidential Press Office via AP